As a Sideman

1999   Welf Dorr & Funk Monk   Live at the Knitting Factory

2000   Admas Band                         Indigo Sun

2002   Welf Dorr & Funk Monk    Funk Monk 

2002   Jolene McLean                     I Live for Him 

2002   New Hope Ensemble         Now Is The Time

2004   All-For-7                                   All-for-7 

2011   Steven M Lee                         Music in the Key of My Life 

2012   James Alexander II             Grace and Peace

2013   New Hope Ensemble          No Turning Back 

2014   Stix Bones                               Twice As Nice


As a Horn Arranger and Sideman 

2009   Back Alley Players   Beyond the Blues

2013   Sabrina Ahia               Live at Calvary Full Gospel 

TBA     Stix Bones                   Breaks from the Soul

As a Leader and Producer 

2007   Melvin Smith                 Portrait

2008   Melvin Smith                 I Surrender All

2010   Melvin Smith                  Evidence

2014   Melvin Smith                  Time Will Tell